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Published on December 5, 2022

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If you are planning a trip to London, then you need to plan it with a loving partner. But what if you are single? Then the best idea out there for singles is to hire an escort in London by contacting Escort Advisor Worldwide (EAW). Yes, this is the best idea ever. If you want to be assured that we are recommending the right thing to do, then keep reading the following lines. Here we are going to attach a real story narrated by our escort who recently had a date with a client in London. Also, she has answered a few recently asked questions by clients. 

But before we jump to that part, we are going to talk about some points due to why London holds such importance among travelers. By reading this part, you will be able to figure out what options you have after prearranging an escort in London. So let’s get started without any further delay. 

Why is London so famous among couple travelers?

You must have heard the famous line by someone who said that if a person is tired of London, then he is tired of life. He is absolutely correct because London is such a happening city in the UK that you will get to enjoy a new thing by every coming day. Especially for couples, It is so full of life that you won’t regret taking the love of your life there for your honeymoon. Also, if you are planning a date with your escort in London, trust me, you are doing just right. Let’s see what options you can consider while planning an all-rounder date with an escort in London.

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What tourist attractions in London can I visit with my escort? 

If you are in London or planning a trip with your escort to London, then here are some of the suggestions from our side:

  • You can visit the tower of London to enjoy this historical view together
  • Visiting the British Museum is a thing that you should never miss while you are in London. You will come across some of the world-class artifacts and historical views in this museum. 
  • Visiting Victoria and Albert museum is also an option for you and your special one. Upon entering this museum, you will feel like this place is out of this world. 
  • If you want to make your day memorable, trust me, you won’t regret going to Borough market. There you can enjoy everything including food, shopping and watching people’s talents. It is an absolute treat for travelers. 
  • There is nothing as remarkable for sightseeing as The view from The Shard. If you want to capture a beautiful sight or want to give a treat to your eyes, then don’t miss visiting this place at all. 
  • XOYO and Fabric London are the two great options if you want to know about a famed nightclub to visit in London. 

You can also consider eating or having the best wine in London. Other than this, if you are interested in attending sex parties, you can head towards Birmingham and the places around it. 

Amelia’s date story with one of the best clients in London

“ My name is Amelia, and I am 24 years old. I have recently started working with EAW, and Davis was my first client as an escort. While I was going to meet him, I was so nervous as it was my first experience of going out with a man. I was a virgin with zero experience. But somehow, I managed, and we decided on a spot to meet. We were both on time, and I was surprised he greeted me so well. Also, he brought a gift and a bunch of flowers for me. 

Well, he had a car, so he asked me to get seated in the front seat. I followed all of his instructions, but it was written on my face that I was nervous and scared. As soon as the drive started, he asked me to stay relaxed. He was being so nice to me that I relaxed within a few minutes. Well, soon we reached a restaurant where we ate the best pizza and pasta. After that, he asked me what my favorite place in London was. As a water lover, I recommended him to go pedal boating at Alexandra palace or Hyde park. He agreed immediately, and we got there. 

We enjoyed it a lot and literally laughed our hearts out. I was getting a feeling that we had been dating for years. Well, as soon as the boating adventure ended, the sun was about to set; we headed towards Richmond park, and there we saw the best sight ever. He was so amazed upon watching such a wholesome view and thanked me that I suggested he visit this place. Now our next spot was a nightclub in London named car wash night club. 

We literally danced and had the finest wine for almost two hours; then he said he wanted to go to the hotel. He was already staying in a hotel suite, so he took me there along with him. As long as we reached the hotel lobby, he removed his blazer and tie and handed them to me. I was getting more anxious now. He immediately turned and asked me What now? 

I was completely blank, walking like a statue. I was a bit excited as well. 

So finally, we reached our hotel room; he went to the bathroom and asked me to get relaxed. When he came back, I was shocked that he was just in his undies. I was staring at him continuously upon which he asked what I am staring at. Haven’t you seen a man before? To which I replied not exactly. He was amazed upon listening to this and further wanted to clarify: Do you mean it’s your first time? I replied yes. Upon hearing this, he got surprised and smiled while saying it was going to be more fun tonight. 

He jumped on me and started kissing me on different spots of my body.  I started moaning out of pleasure, upon which he got more passionate. He removed my clothes immediately and after that It was me who almost broke the bed that night. 

He was my first client but became my role model. Throughout our date and even during sex he was keeping a check on my comfort. He used a lube so that it may not hurt me too much while penetrating. I was on my keens towards his kindness. He was a true gentleman to me.”

Here is the review that he left after our date: 

Amelia literally made me fall in love with London in just one day. She is a great human being who literally acted as a therapist to me. I was tired of my routine and tiring schedule, but I forgot everything just by spending a day with her. Also, she was super-hot and amazing at lovemaking. Though it was her first time, she made sure to give me pleasure in the peaks. Would definitely love to meet her on my next visit to London. 

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by clients answered by our top escorts

  • What if you are not attracted to your client? 

It is a pretty hard and daunting task to have sex with a surprise person about whom we don’t have a minimal idea. But fortunately, this is not the case when you work with EAW. Their policy is that the escorts are fully independent, and we have a complete hold over making deals and deciding everything with our clients. So, if we ever feel like we may not get attracted to the client, we cancel the deal immediately. 

  • Do you still want to have sex in private? 

Many clients nowadays want to normalize the trend of having sex in public, but for me, that is something we can’t express ourselves completely. There is always a factor in mind that someone may be judging us. So, having sex in private is preferred from my side.  

  • Are you an escort by choice? 

Yes, definitely. I am working with Escort Advisor Worldwide (EAW) by choice, and I am highly delighted with my job. I chose this profession because I love sex, and there is nothing wrong with getting paid for my favorite activity. Moreover, EAW is providing us with full opportunity to decide the nature of our jobs which is a plus point. 


We hope that by now we are clear in our stance and you are convinced that hiring an escort during your London trip is something extraordinary. Well, if you still feel like you have some questions to ask, then simply hop on a quick call with the professional team of EAW, and you won’t get disappointed with the high-end services in turn. Hope you will have a wonderful time during your London trip. 

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