Simply just create an Escort account and fill out your profile. Our compliance team will get in touch with you.

When you are meeting a client for the first time, it is advisable to collect information from your client, so you know who you are meeting up with! In case something does go wrong, you at least you have his details. Examples of information that you can collect are: ID copy and/or proof of living address, etc.

1) Make use of our Premium Escort feature,
2) Determine you own prices,
3) Determine your own services,
4) Be your own boss,
5) Use the location based features,
6) Become part of a growing and engaging community!

Client can slide into your DM or they contact you via your contact details.

Make sure you filled out all the information on your profiles. Clients want to get to know you a bit before making contact. We will inform you about the completeness of your profile.


Never pay before meeting up with someone. But rather pay at the beginning of the date, when arriving at the location.

EAW will try to verify all the escorts on the platform. However, revealing scams is always a difficult task, because the Ads look like a regular Ad. All huge escort websites struggle with scams.

We advise you not to pay upfront, but rather in cash during the beginning of the date, once arrived at location. If you send your money before the date it is always a risk! 

Look at available reviews on the escorts, so you know more about other experiences users had. 

We recommend hiring verified escorts, as the chances of a scam are very small!

If someone tried to scam you or you see something suspicious, always report this to EAW!

Report this to EAW, and we will take action! Please report this to service@escortadvisorworldwide.com

We would like to, however, we are an escort directory, not an escort agency! You will be talking to professional escorts, and they will be able to confirm your booking with them. So do not hesitate, and just send them a Direct Message.

This means that there are currently no escorts from your city or county! As soon as an independent escort signs up in you area, she will be visible.

Reach us at info@escortadvisorworldwide.com

Advertisers / Collaborations

Only independent escorts can present their services to users by creating an account. Escort agencies, WebCam sites, porn sites, dating sites, and other escort directories will have to use our paid banner spaces.

Escort Advisor Worldwide has thousands of engaging platform users every day.

Get in contact with our support team via service@escortadvisorworldwide.com. They will make sure that the banner space meets your expectations.


Before independent escorts are allowed to create an account on EAW, they will have to verify themselves!

As an independent escort, you will decide which jobs to take, and you will determine your own prices & services. NO pressure from EAW to do something you do not want!

Make sure to make clear arrangements, so you don’t run into unexpected situations. Also, try to gather as much info on each other before meeting up.

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