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Published on September 28, 2022

The lives of escorts have always been a mystery, until now as it was thought that hooking up with a prostitute is not a normal thing to do. Sex with and hanging out with escorts have always been seen as taboo. But as time is passing most people are becoming comfortable in getting a girlfriend experience after paying some bucks. In Germany and Netherlands, a lot of people are making this habit of normality. But for a newbie, the most common questions that come into one’s mind are is it even safe to hire an escort? And is it even safe to work as an escort? 

Well, here we will answer both of these questions in a detailed manner so that you may get a clearer concept of becoming an independent escort and/or hiring an independent escort girl in Germany and the Netherlands. 

Before we move towards the escort’s lives first we will address general people and tell them what are the factors that make hiring escorts safer for them. 

How to hook up with an escort by eliminating the risk factor

Human trafficking is one of the most alarming issues in a lot of parts of the world. The same is the case in Germany and the Netherlands. Most cases are about women trafficking who become victims of sex trafficking. This means that a lot of women are working as a prostitute disregarding their will. Now, this is something very alarming. 

The risk factors associated with such women are so vast that one’s life can become hell just after hiring an unverified escort. The very first thing here is that police are always finding those women who are missing and if accidentally they find those women with you this can be very problematic for you. Similarly, forced escorts are always looking for ways to get out of all this business that’s why they may harm you to get an escape. 

Another major risk associated with such escorts is that their dealers are using them for indecent purposes like they may drug their clients and robbing them. After that, you can’t blame anyone because they don’t provide any legal contract or anything. 

However, what do you think is the point of all this? Or what we are trying to address? The sole answer to these questions is that you should never hire a roaming or unverified escort. You always need to go for an escort advisor’s platform like EAW to get the best possible escorts. By doing so you will not only get the best possible experience with an escort but the chances of getting harmed go to almost zero. If something does not feel right, always be sure to go with your gut feeling! Read more about safety measures in one of our other blogs. At our end, Escort Advisor Worldwide is doing everything it can to offer the safest environment for both escorts and users of the platform. If you wish to learn more about EAW’s responsibilities, be sure to check our General Terms & Conditions.

Now is the time to dig a bit deeper into the lives of our escorts and their experiences with EAW

What does EAW offer to independent escorts?

If you are considering becoming an escort but are confused because of the common myths associated with this job, then you need to read the upcoming paragraphs!

The most alarming issue associated with this business is the risk. The risk of meeting an indecent client and the second alarming issue is the pressure. But if you will choose to work with EAW then you can say goodbye to all of these issues and work in a highly professional and enjoyable environment. Escort Advisor Worldwide offers an environment in which you will feel appreciated, and in which a lot of unique opportunities will come up!

  1. In the first place unlike an ordinary dealer/whore house (don’t mind our language) in town we provide full independence to our escorts. We will never force you to go on a date with someone you don’t like. Also, we understand all of the issues and will give you full independence to take a day off from work. We will not take care of your schedule, you will do this!
  2. We will let you fix meetings with your clients according to your ease and comfort. Also, before going on a date you should ask for full information from the client. This is to ensure your safety. Of course, you should not expect something like this to happen, but by asking for this info, you are minimizing the risk. But do not forget to tell your client that you will delete these documents right after the appointment. Clients find their privacy very important.
  3. For every escort, a specific profile is made so that the person hiring gets to know everything about the escort(s) he/she is about to hire. All of the minimal facts are stated on the profile, such as what an escort likes and dislikes, etc. This means you will get a better experience and exactly what you dream of. No one will force anything on you. You will be your “OWN BOSS” throughout the tenure of your time with EAW. If you simply do not like to provide a specific service to your client, do not put it on your profile.
  4. Other than this you are not bound to stay in a specific spot or a city. You can go wherever you want and we will make sure that you get in touch with the clients in your area. But do not be shocked if one of our users wants to take you (high-class escort) to a beautiful foreign location.
  5. You will get a chance to communicate with your clients on your own and decide your prices as well. Do you feel like your service is worth a specific amount of money (give for instance a trip to a foreign country), then you will be free to charge that amount. Everything you make will go to your own savings. This is the power of Escort Advisor Worldwide!
  6. Moreover, you are not forced to work for us or anything. It’s totally on you how much time you want to work and at what time you want to resign. 
  7. The most amazing thing that you need to know is that while working with EAW you will get good chances to get in touch with the highest-ranked companies, professionals, and business people. As a high profile, people tend to get our services. This means that on a good day you may be going to the moon 😉

Still, if you feel like some of your queries are left unanswered then down here we have posted the story of our best-working and most satisfying escort; Lena. After reading this, you will definitely get proof and assurance that working on a professional and amazing escort advisor website is totally worth it. This is something that we try to accommodate with Escort Advisor Worldwide.

golden shower give 1

How was my experience working as an escort on EAW? – My whole journey.

My name is Lena Petra. I am a 24-year girl. I started working as an escort when I was a virgin. I was actually amazed by the fact that you only have to go on dates, and with this, earn a lot of money. I remember heading to the local market and getting in touch with a local dealer through the reference of some local German escorts.

I went for a meeting and trust me I was just disgusted with the fact that he was putting such weird conditions to work for him. I have almost withdrawn my choice of becoming an escort. At the same time, I heard about the risk and everything associated with the life of an independent escort. Personally, for me, this seemed like the right choice at the time. I didn’t want to give away 60% of every euro I was making.

This is when I came to know about EAW. And trust me my whole concept of becoming an escort has undergone a 360-degree shift. 

At my very first meeting, they told me about all of the independence and the benefits I was about to get while working with the EAW platform.

I was really amazed by their security policies. Plus, they told me that It’s me who is going to decide my prices and services for clients. So, without wasting any further time I started my contract with them. So that you know, this is not an official employment contract or anything. Rather these are the Terms & Conditions that they have for their escorts. At first, I was a bit worried, but after hearing their reason, it made complete sense. Just like they want to make the EAW experience safe for their escorts, they want to do the same for their users/our clients.

On my very first date, they made me talk to the client on my own and tell him about my preferences. After everything was set they provided me with transport to get to the decided dating spot. With other clients, the clients actually paid for my Uber to get to the dating spot.  

As a whole, from the day I started until now, I am having the best experiences of my life.

All thanks to the excellent managing team and the dealing members that they keep our security and our preferences as the top priority. So, if you are also looking for the best place to work as an escort then trust me, you can’t get anything better than Escort Advisor Worldwide. I am 100% sure that you will find your perfect escort in the Netherlands & Germany on Escort Advisor Worldwide.

They are providing their services in the whole of Germany and the Netherlands. Not only this but if you are living in any part of the world and want to work with them as an escort then just hop on a quick call with the team and they will tell you how to get in touch with their users/clients. 

‘’I am sure that your experience will also be the same as mine.’’


If you wish to become an escort in London or any other big city in the United Kingdom, or the rest of the world, then you can simply email its expert team members at Escort Advisor Worldwide. Similarly, if you want to hire the best escorts in the world then trust me you will have the best experience with high-class escorts in just London for instance. So what are you waiting for? Get the best girlfriend experience ever at the most reasonable prices. 

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