What do escorts appreciate during a date?

Published on September 28, 2022

Escort services in the Netherlands are gaining popularity and are used by a lot of people in both the Netherlands and Germany. The reason behind this popularity is that people are unhappy with their wearisome love lives or unable to find a suitable partner. Well, in such a case to fulfill physical and emotional desires nothing can beat the idea of hiring sexy escorts in the Netherlands. 

Escorting is cool in all ways and we know that you are paying your favorite escort to come to your doorstep. But do you think that paying them for once makes them your property and you can treat them however you like? If you think like this then trust me you are wrong to the core. Undoubtedly, you are paying for their time but you are not buying them to treat as some nonliving thing. We think your behavior towards escorts is the key point to building your impression of them. So, make sure to treat them with respect as you do towards any other lady. The escorts displayed on the Escort Advisor Worldwide deserve to be treated with the utmost respect!

In this blog, we will tell you about some of the facts and figures that you need to keep in mind before you start finding escorts on EAW, or any escort in general! Plus, we will tell you about the expectations of escorts from their clients. By following all of these straps you can easily become an escort’s favorite client and in turn get the best services from them. 

Hiring an escort

Hiring an escort may seem like the easiest thing ever. Like you just have to go on an escort famous stop and pick any of them present at that time. But let us tell you that making it that simple may put you in a problematic situation. Roaming escorts are undoubtedly easy to approach but hiring them is quite a risk. You don’t know from what background they are coming and there is a possibility that they are just there to rob you. 

Another risk associated with roaming escorts is that they can be the victims of human trafficking and police may find them. 

So, to stay out of these problems you actually need to consult a trusted escort service provider like EAW. They will not only make both ends meet by providing you with the best escorts but will guide you where you can find the best escorts, no matter in what part of the country/world you are in. 

So, if you want the best experience in a while then instead of going independent always consult an escort advisor in Germany, the Netherlands, or any other part of the world.

And remember, when you are about to hire an escort, always make sure to look through her profile carefully and read all of the related reviews to make sure that you are about to hire the right person. Doing so will reduce any mishaps in the future.

Etiquettes to learn if you are going on a date with an escort

Now that you have hired an escort from the best possible escort hiring platform in the Netherlands or Germany, it is now time to learn basic etiquette and know how to treat an escort correctly. 

First of all, we will talk about the basic things that you have to take care of on a date and then we will explain the expectations of escorts from their clients. 

What are some of the Dos and Don’ts to follow when you are on a date with an escort? 

For some people treating ladies nicely is an essential part of their lives but for some, it is a new thing to hear. We are not trying to be on the harsh side but that’s the fact. However, read the next coming lines before you head towards a date. 

  • Always think of new ways to make your date memorable

We will recommend you think of unique ways to organize a date night. This will not only make your time worthwhile but will also put a great impression on the escort. You can book a private restaurant or a hotel suite to spend some time with your partner. Don’t forget to buy something for the escort to make her feel good. 

  • Don’t forget to go through the profile of the escort to know maximum about her

Yes, this thing can help you greatly in making love with an unknown person. Usually, all of the details are mentioned on an escort’s profile. Like what she likes and what she dislikes. By knowing all of the details you can get several topics to talk about. 

  • Always talk to her in a decent manner

The selection of words while talking to anyone can do a lot for the overall meeting. So, always greet her nicely and use good words in the overall meeting. Never talk about the sexual acts directly, instead start romancing her first and then slowly ask her about her preferences. 

  • Never talk about her job or colleagues

Always make sure to treat the escort like your girlfriend and don’t ask her about her previous clients or the nature of her business. Of course, this would differ per escort. But in general, escorts like to enjoy their time with YOU!

Moreover, in some cases, two escorts of the same platform may come to you on different days and you come to know about this by chance. Never talk to her about her colleague or tell her that you have done this, this, and this with her client as well. This will be considered a humiliation. Meeting up with escorts has similarities with a proper relationship, some things should just not be discussed with others.

  • Take her out to eat or offer something at home

The very first and essential thing is to make her comfortable around you. For doing so nothing works better than taking an escort out to eat at a good restaurant for couples. Also, you can consider buying a good bouquet for her. This will be considered a gesture of goodwill. Do you want to read more about good places to go to in the Netherlands or Germany, then read this blog as well.

  • Make sure that you are clean and safe

Before going on a date make sure to take a good bath and shave completely. Other than this never forget to brush your teeth and take a mouth freshener along. No matter how horny you are, keep safety as the top priority. Always take a condom with you and don’t go too intense in your intercourse that any of you get any sort of harm. 

After you are done, dispose of the condom in the dustbin. Never throw the condom into the toilet or commode. Don’t take drugs with you or offer something harmful to her in turn for money. 

Drugs are something we absolutely advise against during this experience. First and foremost because the escorts are NOT into this. In addition, you can put yourself in a terrible position. For example, you could accidentally injure the escort badly. Keep in mind that this will ALWAYS have serious consequences. In addition, the escort may take advantage of you. All in all, drugs are an absolute NO GO during a date with an escort. Keep in mind that you are always completely responsible for yourself!

Finally, make sure you don’t have any sex-related diseases. Most escorts will only want to work when there is a condom anyway. However, hygiene & safety is the most important thing for everyone during your date. Also, all escorts are advised to get tested regularly to ensure everyone has the best experience!

  • Try to pay her at the beginning of the meeting

Make sure that the promised amount is ready before your escort arrives. As payment safety is something that escorts are concerned about, so make sure that you have the promised amount ready, and never ask for the change as she is not a retailer! Never ask for a discount when you are meeting up with her. So agree on the prices before going to her. 

We will recommend you place the promised amount in an envelope and hand it over to her immediately after she arrives. Don’t forget to tip your escort. If you feel like you got what you were expecting then tip her as a gesture of goodwill. Just try to make sure that payment (method) will not become an issue, since this will ruin the entire experience, especially if it is your first time.

What are the things that you need to take care of while fixing a meeting with an escort?

  1. The very first thing you need to remember is that you should always hire an escort who has a known background or is sourced from a trusted escort advisor (preferably with positive reviews).
  2. Never talk to an escort or hire her just to make someone jealous or something. 
  3. Don’t be vague with the instructions you are giving to the escort, like the location or the time frame for which you are hiring her. 
  4. Finish all of the financial discussions on call and don’t try to bargain with the escorts in person. 
  5. Always talk to the escorts in a friendly way and don’t forget to greet them. 
  6. Set the time at which you want your escort to come. And make sure that you can reach her at that same time as well. Making someone wait is quite annoying. Besides this, an escort may have other appointments or things to do. So if you are late, you will have to pay for all of her time.
  7. Tell her your real name and your working mobile number. 
  8. As you already have seen the picture of the escort, once she arrives make sure that you are meeting with the same person. Never go on or settle for someone else. 
  9. Stay friendly and calm throughout your date and keep her comfort under consideration. And never try to bribe your escort for doing something wrong, harmful or unethical. 

escort etiquettes


Say goodbye to your loneliness and the monotonous love life and hire an escort today who will take away your loneliness just in a night. Also, you can fulfill all of your wildest desires with her. But remember no matter what you have to stay within your limits and be a gentleman with your date. Of course, you can fulfill your sex fantasies with an escort it is your right to want so, but getting treated rightly is her right!

We hope that by now you will be there with a clearer mind, but still, if you feel like you have some questions or you are a shy type just hop on a quick call with EAW representatives, or email us at service@escortadvisorworldwide.com. Our representatives will make sure to guide you in the best possible way!  

As a user of Escort Advisor Worldwide, it is important to let other users know about your experiences with EAW & the escorts. Therefore, leave a review on both Escort Advisor Worldwide and the escort you met up with!

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