The importance of Safety during your work as an Escort!

Published on September 27, 2022

In this 21st century, we have become more liberal and more open-minded than we were earlier. We have adopted many things now. Among all, escort is one of the most popular ones. But still, many people mix up the escort business with the sex worker business. It seems to be the same, but there is a thing line difference, and you have to watch that very closely and understand the difference. Many girls have joined the escort business and earned a lucrative income. The escort business is a very lucrative business, and it is growing every year. Therefore, a place/platform where independent escorts can market their services is very important! But we all know every good thing comes with a bad thing. The escort business is not an exceptional one. If you are in the escort industry, you will know how safety matters. Safety is the main thing for your job; if you are not safe, it will not only hinder your work but also affect your health.

About Escort advisor worldwide (EAW)

Escort advisor worldwide is one of the renowned escort service providers all over the world. The main aim is to provide service to all the visitors who come in touch with the Escort Advisor Worldwide platform by providing the best escorts. They will offer you a safe and private service. We understand that the visitors of Escort Advisor Worldwide (sometimes) do not wish people to find out who they are exactly. This is something that the escorts of Escort Advisor Worldwide will understand. Obviously, the safety of the escorts is most important. So they may ask for a confirmation of who you are, but such data will not be shared. Read more about data sharing in our GT&C and Disclaimer.

EAW uses an online platform when offering their Escort services 

You may have missed it, I doubt it, but this is the online era! Most work is done online, so why would ordering an escort online not be possible? With Escort Advisor Worldwide you can stay at home and plan a date with an escort. Isn’t it cool? Of course, it is. But before that, every independent escort girl must know their rights to safety.

How can they keep themselves safe while offering services online? 

  • You must conceal your identity as much as possible
  • Protect yourself from the abusive clients
  • Protect yourself from the law and stay in control of the situation by understanding what you are doing

Whenever you are dealing with a client, you must communicate on the telephone for the first time. So this means being sure about who you are meeting up with, before actually meeting up! Asking for certain proof from an escort is not weird. Mind it, this is an escort business, not a sex worker/prostitute. Your job is not only to provide sex or get physical with the person. Your job is to give him company and support him mentally as well. Try to collect information about the client before meeting up with them. Then follow up with them. Never post your physical address on the escort website; people might stalk you. It is important to know who you are meeting up with so that you will not end up in a sticky or weird situation. So when you are about to meet up with a client, it is absolutely not weird to ask him for his ID, or a confirmation of his address. This way your client will understand that doing something weird, may get him/them reported to the authorities or police!

Escort Advisor Worldwide is the perfect online escort platform for when you are traveling the world or when you are on a business trip!

Escort Advisor Worldwide is one of the popular online platforms which will provide you with the safest escort service, especially while you are traveling. Many business people who travel around the world often want to hire an escort service. Business trips are usually boring and especially when you go alone. After the meeting gets over, people get bored, and thus, they may want to contact Escort Advisor Worldwideescorts for a refreshing experience. The rate of the escorts may vary from one agency to another, but many to most escorts on Escort Advisor Worldwidework independently. Their charges are different, so you need to call the independent escort(s) and inquire about their rates. You can even hire an escort for 2-3 days. Charges will depend on how long you are spending time with her. Most importantly, when you hire them for your business trip, you need to provide all the charges and expenses. Very few agencies or platforms you will find will provide you with this service on your business trip; Escort Advisor Worldwide does. 

How Escort Advisor Worldwide is the safest online platform for independent escorts, what precautions they use, and how they assure safety for both clients and escorts

Many girls who come from poor backgrounds with few opportunities but want to earn money independently, can join Escort Advisor Worldwide. This service can be divided into two parts,  outdoor and indoor. The indoor setting may include a hotel, club, bar, brothel, and even a private home as well. Outdoor settings may include truck stops, parks, vehicles, etc. It looks cool, but this is much more complicated than you may think. 

Earlier, people were not that aware of health safety, or they didn’t give that much importance. HIV transmission has declined around the world; all the credit goes to HIV prevention medications and treatments that are now available easily. Since 2010, 23% has decreased. Over 80% of people are aware of HIV and its status, and escorts at Escort Advisor Worldwide are asked to do monthly check-ups for improved health for themselves, as well as for the users of the platform. One of the main causes of HIV transmission is unprotected sex with multiple partners. Every escort has a high risk of HIV transmission, so always use a condom! In many countries, escorts do not regularly use a condom, which will make their life, and that of their client, riskier. Ask your client or customer to use a condom. This is the only way to beat HIV! In case you do not wish to use a condom, it is highly recommended to do this with escorts or clients that you can trust.  

Escorts are asked to do monthly full body check-ups and complete all the necessary vaccinations. The main reason is that many clients want to check their medical certificates, and this is quite valid as well. Along with the fun, you must know your health also. Will you be safe and healthy, or are you running a risk? Ask whatever you want to know from escorts or clients to guarantee your health and safety.

Escort Advisor Worldwide will validate all of the escorts that sign up on the platform

Welcome to the online website of Escort Advisor Worldwide. On Escort Advisor Worldwide you will get all types of facilities. The best of about this service is you do not have to go anywhere, just sit and check your online profile. Many people feel awkward as well talking about escort services, but when the service is available online, you can enjoy it to the fullest, and no one should get to know about this. To get the online service, all you have to do is visit the official website of  Escort Advisor Worldwide and then go to the signup option. There you have to create your profile, and voila, that is it!

A form will be presented, and there you need to fill in all the details of your, for example, name, contact details, age, and many more things. After signing up, you can check the gallery section. In the gallery section, you will find all the girl’s pictures, with their name, ages, services, fees, etc. One of the biggest mistakes of many escort agencies/platforms is that they provide fake photographs to attract customers. But they do not understand that by using this trick, they can attract the audience once but not all the time. So it is much better to be transparent. Escort Advisor Worldwide provides accurate pictures of the girls, as they try to stay transparent. You shouldn’t believe the fake account or fake calls. Always inquire before you hire! After escorts have signed up, they will have to verify themselves with the Escort Advisor Worldwide team. Only after this is done, they will be given access to the Escort Advisor Worldwide platform. In case a different person shows up than the person listed on an Escort Advisor Worldwide profile, make sure to address this to the Escort Advisor Worldwide service team (service@escortadvisorworldwide.com). Always be sure to check the Escort Advisor Worldwide GT&C, as well as the disclaimer, before meeting up with someone from the platform.

Are you single and ready to mingle? It is not an easy thing to find the exact girl you are looking for, but while reading this piece of article, you are on the right platform. Escort Advisor Worldwide offers a so-called ‘Tinder’ function on its home page. This fine art allows you to find your perfect escort. Start swiping, and find out what your perfect escort looks like! By swiping left and right, the platform will filter out the girls you like the least (based on their characteristics), but rather it will show your perfect escorts.

Here you will get all types of girls who will provide you with physical (and mental) satisfaction. They will provide you with companionship when you are alone. Many people leave their hometown and settle down in another city for job purposes or higher study, and as they stay alone, they feel lonely and look for a company, a beautiful girl or even girls for example. Many guys want a girl but do not want the commitment, so for them, Escort Advisor Worldwide is the perfect place to mingle!

Is this your first time? If yes, then you do not have to be shy or awkward. These girls are very professional, and they know how to deal with you, no matter whether he is experienced or not. What kind of service do you want? Incall or outcall service?

Not happy with your partner? Or are you, but you are seeking excitement? Then Escort Advisor Worldwide is the place the be!

Are you happy with your partner? This is not only happening in a particular country but all over the world. Many people are not happy with their partners physically and mentally. So they look for something else. If you are one of them, welcome to Escort Advisor Worldwide. Our platform will offer you 100% pleasure, something you could not have wished for. In just a matter of one day, your need will be fulfilled. If you want you can contact our services again for further service. 

Payment process

Coming to the payment procedure, cash and online transaction is acceptable. Most of the time, escorts accept cash, if the client does not want to keep any record. Depending on how much time you have spent with an escort, a fee will be determined. You shouldn’t go to any cheap agency that will offer you the service at a very cheap rate, some clients get excited about this, and they go to that cheap agency to hire escort girls. Be aware that you may run into problems!

Last but not least, Escort Advisor Worldwide is very much cautious about the girl’s & clients’ health and safety. We will never compromise their health. Medication and vaccinations are a must for every escort, be it a girl, boy, or transgender. Because if your health doesn’t permit you, you won’t be able to continue your job; most importantly, do not threaten your own life. This is your life, and you have to safeguard this. Stay safe, and enjoy this journey of excitement!

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