The best hotels for your Escort date in the Netherlands

Published on November 28, 2022

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When planning a foreign trip, the biggest inconvenience one may possibly get worried about is the loyalty to the place and people. Isn’t it so? Many countries are famous for tourists getting scammed by their taxi drivers and hotel management. Well, thankfully, this is not the case in the Netherlands. This is the country with the most welcoming and loyal people. You will feel at home on your very first day. 

But, when you are taking your escort along, choosing a hotel may be a little challenging. The reason behind this is the raised expectations and the anticipation to make your one-night stand a beautiful memory. So, to make your decision-making steps easier here, we will be helping you out by telling you about some of the best hotels in the Netherlands that you can relish with your escort.

So as soon as your escort from EAW arrives, it’s your duty to make good arrangements to take her to one of the best hotels in the Netherlands. Let’s dig into the options we have got for you. 

What are the best escort cities in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is basically called “The land of tulips.” Sounds romantic, right? This simply means that there is no better idea than visiting the Netherlands with your escort and having the best time of your lives together. But before starting your trip, you need to know about the must-to-go cities in the Netherlands. So, here we are going to mention the most romantic and fascinating cities you simply can’t afford to miss during your Euro trip. 

  • Number one is The new Amsterdam; trust me, you won’t regret spending your date night in Amsterdam. It has almost everything to offer someone would ever long for a while on a date. 
  • After that, Maastricht is there for you and your escort to offer the best cultural and regional hub. You can see the splendid heritage buildings together and get a chance to spend the night at world-class hotels. 
  • If you are interested in watching the third tallest church in the Netherlands or want to stand at the country’s geographical center, then you need to go to Amersfoort. 
  • Going to Dom tower and enjoying your date by traveling to the best scenic areas in the Netherlands is a dream for everyone. So, If you want to fulfill it right away, book tickets to Utrecht. 
  • The Hague is the place for history lovers to make their date an ideal date. Take your escort along and get a chance to visit the best historic museums ever. Also, this Den Hague is known as the city of peace and justice as it holds the International court of justice and the permanent court of Arbitration. 

Best hotels to check-in in the famous cities of the Netherlands 

After reading about the notable cities of the Netherlands, you must have made up your mind about which city you actually want to go to. Now that you know which is the city so, make a good choice for your hotel check-in. 

Here are some of the hotels that you should at least check when you come to the Netherlands with your escort.

The Netherlands is home to incredible world attractions, including Dam square, light palace, Rijksmuseum, Gogh museum, and many other outstanding places. Typically for tourists, this is a must-go place in Europe. But to stay there with your escort, you have to book a good hotel for yourself in the first place. So let’s see which hotels you may consider.  

  • Leonardo Royal Hotel Amsterdam

Leonardo hotel remained successful in earning a great reputation amongst the people of Amsterdam and all of the outsiders as well. It contains almost every luxury that one could ever dream of. Once you decide to stay at this hotel, trust me, you will thank us later, all due to their outstanding customer service and food quality. 

You get to visit many outstanding places in Amsterdam during your stay at this hotel, all because of some splendid tourist attractions surrounding it. Moreover, if you are interested in getting a decorated suite for your one-night stand, they will undoubtedly, satisfy you with their outclass decorations. 

When it comes to the food, their cuisine is to die for, and you get wine as a compliment. Getting all this while remaining within budget. Don’t you think it’s the ultimate treat for you? 

  • Hard Rock Hotel Amsterdam

With its prime location at the center of the City center of Amsterdam, this hotel marks a prominent spot in people’s hearts. The plus point of this hotel is that it is surrounded by some of the most visited places in Amsterdam, like the Gogh Museum, Arena, and many other historical museums. 

So, if you intend to visit renowned places, especially in Amsterdam, then trust me, that is the hotel for you. You will get the nearest bust citations to make your conveyance easiest. 

This 4.5-star hotel offers the best buffet breakfast for couples, and you get the best night parties in its ravishing clubs. Being on your trip with an escort, if you decide to stay at this hotel, you don’t have to worry about the toiletries and other services. 

Rooms are just to die for; soft and plush furniture coupled with clean floors is everything ones needs to spend a cozy night with an escort. So, what is stopping you from check-in to this hotel? 

  • Mainport Hotel

Everyone wants to make their date night with an escort rememberable and soothing. So if you are also in search of a great hotel to stay in during your Netherlands trip, then trust me or not, Mianport is the place to go for. Simply if you want to have sex in the lap of luxury, then this hotel is for you. 

Bring your escort along and impress her with your choice. You will get everything starting from free WIFI and going to the spa and Gym. Moreover, you get to explore some of the fantastic attractions within walking distance of this lavish hotel. Best food, customer care service, and outclass setup combine to give you a memorable experience in the Netherlands. So, don’t waste further time and make your date with an escort girl in Centrum worthwhile. 

  • Design Hotel Maastricht 

Cleanliness, luxury, freebies, and the best customer care service in Maastricht are what you will get during your stay at the Design hotel. Don’t you think this is all that everyone longs for during his stay at any hotel? 

Typically for those who wish to take their escorts along, it is promising that you will get some of the best wines from all over the world all set in your room. They prefer giving a lig touchup to your room if you mention that you are on your honeymoon or a date. Its neighborhood includes some amazing places you would love to visit with an escort. 

You get a free coffee maker in your room, which means it’s all yours; no matter how much coffee you need, you can get it. 

If you truly want to enjoy your stay in Maastricht, then you need to take this hotel into your consideration. 

  • COVE Centrum

During your stay in Den Hague, if you want to stay at a place that is extremely close to the bus station, then we have got an option for you, i.e., the COVE centrum. This hotel has an excellent score of 9.7/10 which means something must be exciting. 

Starting from the classy suites and the luxurious attached washrooms, we must say there is something you need during a date night with your escort. Also, you will get a fully equipped kitchen and a functional TV in your room. So, whenever you feel hungry no need to wait for customer service; just get it done on your own by choice. 

This hotel is explicitly liked by the couple due to its romantic vibe and prime location. During your stay, you have the option to visit Bar & Bos if you feel like partying or having some outclass drinks with your escort. 

As a whole, we truly feel that you can have a wonderful experience during your stay at this hotel. 


That’s all for now. We hope that your hunt for a luxurious hotel for your date night with an escort has ended after reading everything mentioned above. Well, now your duty is to double-check all of the services before you check in because everything depends on your comfort and priorities. 

Moreover, as you are going to spend a night with an escort, it is recommended to hire an escort from a trusted site like EAW.  Otherwise, we are worried that scammers are everywhere, and you can also get scammed and robbed by an unverified and unknown escort. Hope you have the best time of your life during your one-night stand with an escort, and preferably, one that you find on our platform.

If you have any questions for the escorts, do not hesitate to create a free profile & ask the escorts themselves! They are looking forward to your message.

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