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Published on November 28, 2022

Some people say that staying with a single partner for a long period makes their sex lives quite boring and non-provoking. This can be true in the condition that you are intimating with your partner in the same traditional manner or not trying to add spice to your bedroom activities. 

On the other hand, people who are unable to find the love of their life and are still single but their male urge to have a physical relationship must be making them infuriated. We think the issue is quite similar in both mentioned cases. 

Now, what do you think could be the possible solution for these issues? Any possible solutions that come into your mind? If not, then we have an idea for you. What do you think about hiring a professional and hot escort for a day? It is important to always go for a verified escort in an escort directory.

Once you hire an escort, it’s all on you to decide what are your preferences, and you can easily share your sex fantasies with her. After that, she will for sure fulfill all of your demands, after all, you are paying for it. But remember, when it comes to hiring an escort, always look for a trusted escort advisor like EAW. No matter in which part of the world you are they are capable to provide you with trustworthy and the best girl escorts in town. 

What are the benefits associated with hiring an escort?

Almost every man in Germany and Netherlands is indulged in looking for unique ways for lovemaking and so is putting maximum effort to get the best results. However, one of the most practice activities is to hire escorts and spend time with them. This saves them from frustration and gives them a chance and free hand to explore their wildest sexual fantasies. 

Well, if you are also considering hiring an escort for a day or more but are confused about that is it a good idea or not etc, then you need to read the next coming benefits to make your mind even clearer. 

Pros of hiring an escort

  1. The first benefit to mention here is for those who are often on the move and go out of the city for work trips. Suppose you keep on going to unknown places to handle business meetings, then it is obvious that you will get bored and seek good company. What are the options in such a case? If you need to get the best company in an unknown city, then trust me, nothing can beat hiring an escort. Take a look in our Escort Directory and find your perfect escort. On Escort Advisor Worldwide you can find an escort in almost any country around the world!
  2. Secondly, if you are single and want to explore different sexual activities, then hiring an escort is the thing made for you. 
  3. If you want to go to a ball dance party or a couple’s party and don’t have a partner, then you can simply take an escort with you. 
  4. If you want to put a good impression on your friend’s circle, then taking a sexy girl around all the time is the thing that will set them on fire. 
  5. Suppose your partner is not able to satisfy you in the manner you expect to, then hiring an escort is a thing you need in your life. An escort will make sure to keep your preferences and likes on top. This means ultimate pleasure and satisfaction. 
  6. The benefit that stands on top is that despite getting all of the sexual favors, unlimited time, and the company, you don’t have to commit for a lifetime. Once you are done, you both don’t know each other. 
  7. You come to learn about new techniques and ways of love-making. All of the escorts are well-experienced and much more educated than the local prostitutes. 
  8. If you feel like making use of sex toys and tools, but your partner is not comfortable with that, then you can go for an escort and ask her to fulfill your wild desire and satisfy you. 

Sex Toys – add some spice to your life

Sex toys are coming into fashion day by day, and it is becoming many people’s fantasy to enjoy their time in bed in a unique manner using these toys. But what is the profound story relating to escorts and sex toys here, we will answer all of your queries.

Why do people use sex toys?  

Sex toys, also known as adult toys, are typically used by those people who want to explore the newest methods of kinky pleasure in their bedrooms. It is one’s personal decision to use and buy sex toys. For some people, it is easy to use them to get prepared for the whole sexual process in real, and for some, it is only to act as a cherry on top while having sex with their partners. 

Similarly, it is the biggest aid for those who enjoy masturbating rather than having actual sex. So who are you from all of these categories? Did we fail to mention you? Ok, not a problem. Because there are people who use these toys for other reasons, some of them may use them while having sex with escorts. Here we will talk about those people solely. 

Benefits of using sex toys with an escort

First of all, let us make one thing clear sex toys are not only for singles. These can do miracles for couples as well. People often use them to explore more about their sexual fantasies and the things their partners love. 

Similarly, if you feel like your partner is not satisfied with the way you are making love, then we have a cool idea for you. You simply need to hire an escort and buy some fantastic sex toys. Now, what’s on you is to use all of those sex toys with her and check what the G spots for a female are. Or look for the spots upon touching which the escorts become even hotter. Trust me, after getting this experience; you will be able to satisfy your partner in a distinct way. This single practice saved many relationships. 

You should keep on experimenting with your sexual life, so we think taking a break through the toughest routine and hooking up with an escort will do miracles for you. But how about adding spice to this scenario by making use of great-quality sex toys? 

If you are a shy person and feel bad about talking dirty while having sex. Then using sex toys can help you to overcome this thing. In fact, using a sex toy will nearly force you to utter those kinky statements that your partner likes to listen to. 😉 

You can use them alone and even with an escort. Tell her about your issue, and she will definitely help you out. 

Getting a third person between you two in the form of a sex toy means you are free to break monotony which even becomes boring for couples. You can go for the harnesses and belts to give everything a next-level sexier look. 

What are the different types of sex toys I can get?

When it comes to hiring the best escorts in Germany or buying all-rounder sex toys then, nothing can beat EAW. It is a customer-centered platform where everything is set while keeping the preference and ease of the customer in mind. So feel free to contact us to get the following types of sex toys. 

  • Vibrators or personal massagers– These types are used by both couples and singles. Here we have a real story told by our escort who wanted to use a vibrator during his time in bed. 

“While we were doing foreplay and were about to start everything, he asked me whether I can use a vibrator while we fuck? I was a little surprised at first, but then I calmed myself with the hope of getting a new experience. He fucked me twice. Once I was down and was holding the vibrator while he was fucking. And the second time, he was holding the vibrator as we were doing everything in a doggy style.

By the time everything ended, I was so amazed by the newest feeling I got. The pleasure was unbeatable, and I had never experienced it before. Plus, my client was satisfied to the peak.”

  1. Dildos- These are toys used mainly by women. 
  2. Anal plugs and balls
  3. Pennis rings
  4. Sleeves for pennis
  5. Pumps
  6. Packers
  7. Harness and Belts
  8. Handcuffs
  9. Ankle cuffs
  10. Ben Wa Balls
  11. Jockstraps
  12. Kinky Strips
  13. Flogger toys
  14. Spanking paddles
  15. Spanking whip
  16. Eye mask and blindfolds


Finding an outstanding escort girl in Germany is not a big deal when EAW has got your back. It is the type of platform that helps you to find out your favorite escort no matter in what part of the world you are in. Plus, you will get the best possible sex toys in town as well.

So stop being shy, get the best out of yourself no matter what method you are choosing, and have fun. On the Worldwide Escort Advisor Directory, you can find the perfect escort for your needs.

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