How to impress your escort in the Netherlands

Published on February 25, 2023

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As soon as the hiring process is done, what now? Now you have to take all the possible measures to make your date worthwhile. Plus, you need to make sure that the online escort from the Netherlands that you are going to hire is satisfied or not. As a newbie in escorting, this point may make you ponder for a while but relax because we have got your back. 

Well, we have taken all possible measures to help you learn the tricks to impress an escort. But before we move towards that, first of all, we will talk about Dutch women and their traits. So, let’s take a running start to the original debate. 

Distinctive traits of Dutch women

  • Dutch women are never shy and are said to be extremely liberal. But they are highly conscious about following laws and rules. 
  • These women are incredibly confident and essential to the country’s affairs. 
  • When it comes to appearance, the women of the Netherlands are tall and wonderful, and you will fall in love with them at first sight. 
  • Their body is always fit and contoured like they are athletically made with round and raised buttocks coupled with big breasts. Overall they give a look like supermodels.
  • They are highly bold and frank and express their feelings openly. So, be ready to face all the criticism and compliments you will get on your date. 
  • With strong conversation abilities and highly educated backgrounds, these women are well-aware to tackle all situations very keenly.
  • They express their desire to have sex openly and are never shy about telling you how much they enjoyed it. 
  • They love to rule the empire, so they usually would like to be on top during sex. Also, you won’t regret letting them be on top. It’s our promise that you will enjoy this dominance.

Things you have to keep in mind when planning an escort sex date in the Netherlands

When planning your date, there are some factors about which you must be conscious. Here we are going to mention them step by step. So read them carefully and try to follow each of them. Only this is how you can impress your escort in the first meeting. 

  • Try to be precise with your words

The first thing you must take care of is your confidence. Be confident and clear in what you are saying. No matter your plan and requirement, you should communicate with your escort in advance so that nothing remains in the veil between you both. This will make her feel comfortable and informed. 

Also, talk about the charges and don’t try to negotiate, as this won’t give a good image of you in an escort’s eyes. Even if it’s your first time with a Netherlands girl’s escorts, don’t tremble with the fear of what is going to happen next. Try to be in your comfort zone and make her feel at home as well. This is the practice that is going to make your date even more memorable. 

  • Take a look at your hygiene.

Whether you are going somewhere or planning to stay at home, you should always keep an eye on your hygiene. Cleanliness is not only important for being healthy but it is also involved in basic etiquette that makes us humans. So, if you are going on a date with an escort, you should look deep and find out where you need to put effort. 

  • Always keep yourself shaved and sweat-free. 
  • Keep your hair and beard trimmed to get a clean look.
  • Never wear ugly or smelly socks on a date with an escort.
  • Use a good perfume and a high-class deodorant.
  • Always keep a mouth freshener or any alternative in your pocket. 

Moreover, if your escort comes to your place, clean up all the mess. Don’t make her uncomfortable by calling her to an uncultured and dirty room where all of your stuff is bestrewn. 

  • Vent your best decorum

Respect is the main factor when you are dealing with women. Whether it’s about general women or an escort, you should always act humbly and respectfully. Greet her in a friendly manner and try to take care of her comfort zone as well. Never ask an inappropriate question from your escort as it marks disobeying of decency. 

If you feel insecure on her behalf, try to act decently and don’t disclose that to her. This will make you both awkward and, in the end, ruin your date through all means. Tell her that she looks pretty and you enjoy her company. She can do anything to please you as you are paying her, but you must act like a real man to tell her to work while remaining in her comfort zone. 

How important is security when hiring an online girl escort via Escort Advisor Worldwide?

Personal safety is something that should never be overlooked. When you are planning to go out with sexy escorts in the Netherlands, it means you are going to spend plenty of time with an unknown woman. So, don’t you think the risk factor is there? Of course, it is, but when you opt for Escort Advisor Worldwide, this factor goes to zero immediately. 

The reason behind this is that all the escorts on Escort Advisor worldwide have been verified, and all of the legal documents are gathered as a part of the hiring procedure. So you don’t have to worry about security risks. 

But remember, hiring an escort through Escort Advisor Worldwide is a two-way contract. So, don’t hesitate to provide your legal documents, like your verified ID Card, address, and contact number, so that this experience becomes a pleasant memory for you and the escort. 

How to talk to an escort?

For first-timers, talking to or dealing with an escort may be difficult, but not after reading the below-mentioned points. Usually, online platforms for escorts in the Netherlands, like EAW, will provide you with trained or professionally experienced escorts, so they won’t ever judge, so always try to be calm and don’t panic. 

When adjusting your date with an escort, always be transparent with the timing, place, and exact meeting spot. This will let you both meet each other with zero inconveniences. Don’t forget to greet her on call and tell her your full name in the beginning. After that, you have to ask for her name and contact number. 

Escorts work according to their ease and comfort, which is why their working hours are clearly mentioned on their profile. So make sure that when you are calling an escort, it’s during her working hours. Of course, this will not impress her, but it lies in basic etiquette. 

If you are calling your escort, then make sure that it’s about the date fixation or about your deal. Never call her for personal reasons like calling her to talk dirty to you on the phone or to make your wife jealous etc. This is definitely not going to entertain your escort. 

Never ask her personal questions like why you are into this field, how many men you have slept with, etc. also, if you find out that you have previous experience of escorting with a friend of your escort, then never ask questions or share this thing with her. Choose a topic upon which both of you can share thoughts. If you keep on talking about yourself, this may make her zone out or make the environment boring. 

Always be clear and never use code words that are difficult to understand by a commoner. Even if you are not liking her way of talking or any other thing about her, never show a disgusted gesture or complain about anything on her face. 

Restaurant etiquettes to follow with a Dutch escort

Escorts are taught to follow the rules that their clients make. We can take the example of eating with a fork and knife. If the client is eating with his hand, then the escort will also put her fork and knife aside so that the client may not get awkward. But still, here are some essential rules you should keep in mind.

  1. You are not allowed to kiss or touch each other’s private parts while sitting at a restaurant. But there is nothing bad in kissing on the forehead or hand.
  2. Learn to use a napkin and the perfect way of holding the wine glass before you go on a date with a Dutch escort.
  3. If you decide to have sex after the meal, never order food with too much garlic, and prefer tea over coffee to make it feel better while kissing. 
  4. Don’t overeat, as you have to stay active for the night. 

Your Escort Advisor Worldwide conclusion

We think that we are done with our guide. Now it’s your duty to take care of the minimal of things to turn your date into a memorable time for both of you. We hope that your date with a Dutch escort gives you what you have been longing for forever. You can find your sexy Dutch escort here!

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