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Published on October 6, 2022

Trova sexy escort a Roma qui!

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Rome and Romance are not only look-alikes in their spellings, but Rome has a lot to do with romance and lovemaking. It is called the capital of the Lazio region or the capital of Italy. All thanks to this city’s warm and welcoming vibe, people from all over the world plan their honeymoons in Rome. 

Are you also thinking of going on a lovely trip to Rome? Oh, gasp!! We just learned that you are single but going to travel to Rome. Is that so? Then before you start planning, you need to take a friendly suggestion from EAW. They will give you the best tips & tops, i.e., hiring an escort to accompany you during your Rome trip.

Ok, no need to worry because here we will tell you everything that will make you crave an escort accompanied trip to Rome. But before we dive into further depths, we will talk about some of the facts that make Roma a must-visit city in Italy for couples. 

Some interesting things you can do with your escort when in Rome

Before planning a trip with your loved one, no matter which country of the world, you first need to gather fun facts about that country. So here are all of the facts about Rome, which you should take into consideration for the date with your escort in Rome.

Roam around the city

Towns in Rome are so clean and well-mannered that everyone would love to roam around the city. So, the thing you can consider for lazy evenings is taking a horse carriage just to roam and explore the towns. 

Cruising at river Tiber

The Tiber river is an attraction for many tourists, so if you are also in Rome with your escort, one of the amazing things to do is take a cruise around the Tiber river, which is a very romantic activity. 

Witness the real Rome at sunset

When the sun is about to set, that is the time when the beauty of Rome gets a different charm to it. So, if you want to end your day on a beautiful note, hold hands and go to Trastevere and witness post-sunset RomeTrust me; you won’t regret it. 

Go for a hot bath together

If you want to try something different before getting in bed or having sex with your escort, then the best and most comforting thing you can do is to take a dip in a hot pool with your escort in Italy. 

Attend an opera night

If you want to have a beautiful time with your escort, you can also consider attending an opera night at Opera de Roma. It is guaranteed that you will have the best experience ever. 

Sightseeing on a Helicopter

Sightseeing is a thing that is specifically meant for the beauty of Rome. If you are also interested in watching the whole city, to admire its beauty, then you can get on a helicopter and get to see some of the best sights in the world with your escort. 

Book a private cellar

Booking a private cellar and enjoying wine and dining with your escort is another thing that you can consider doing when in Rome. You will get the best wine in the world which will be enough to prepare you both to have an amazing time in bed. Order Rome’s special golden wine and thank us later.

Go to strip tease shows

Cica Cica Boom, Vanity club, and Pippistrello are some options you can consider when choosing strip clubs in Rome. You can enjoy yourself with your escort and alone as well. 

Attend a sex party

Attending sex parties with your escort is another outclass option you won’t regret considering when in Rome. You will witness the best dancers out there and get the best sex experience as women from Rome are incredibly passionate in bed. 

How to get an escort in Rome? 

Dating someone in a city like Rome is a plus point as you get a lot captured at a single spot. If you want to hire an escort to accompany you on a trip to Rome, then all you have to do is to contact them on Escort Advisor Worldwide. It is an escort advising platform. Well, no matter if you want to take your escort with you to Rome or want to hire a Romanian escort, in both those cases, they will assist you nicely. 

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What type of experience are our escorts likely to give you in Rome?

Still, if you are in a dilemma and thinking about whether to hire an escort or not or anything else, then after reading the next lines, we are sure that all of your doubts will fly away like clouds of air. 

Here we are going to put a real story told by one of the escorts. It is the overall experience of an escort named Diana, and her experience with a trip with a client to Rome.  So let’s get started. 

“Hey, My name is Diana, and I have been working with EAW for many years. I have been a Rome escort girl for a long time already. Here I will tell you about one of the best experiences I encountered during my job as an escort. So, it all started when I got a call from a person named Harry. Of course, he selected me from all of the available options. So, he told me that he will likely come to Rome on Friday evening and wants me to receive him at the airport. 

I went there with a buckeye of flowers and welcomed him. Then we moved to the hotel, and he rested and got fresh. After that, he asked me to get ready as he wanted to have the best wine and food in town. This was the beginning of our long and loveable date. We got the best food and wine at Gelateria Artigianale Corona. 

After that, we went back to the hotel room. Harry was so NICE and friendly that I felt comfortable around him from the moment we met. We were continuously talking to each other and sharing life experiences. Suddenly he came closer to me, and we started getting cozy. After that, we had a good round of sex. He expressed that I fulfilled his wildest desires in bed. Also, I was impressed that he was such a gentleman to use protection and was also taking care of whether I was enjoying it or not. This was the end of our first day. 

The second day was quite a memorable day for both of us. We did everything that one could ever do when in Rome. We started with breakfast in the hotel garden, and then he wanted to go sightseeing. So, we rented bikes and had the best time together while roaming around the city. 

He was talking his heart out, and all the time, I was listening and enjoying his conversation. The day was about to end when we reached Seafront in Ostia. There we got to witness the best sunset sight ever. The whole vibe was so romantic and calming that we both could not resist and started kissing like crazy. We stayed out till late and tried every possible specialty of Rome. We got to our hotel late and tired, so we slept immediately after reaching the hotel. 

The next day was the last day of his trip to Rome. After we woke up, we got a hot bath together. We got so horny that we almost had two rough rounds of sex. I noticed that he liked everything when I was dominating the action. He wanted me to be on top and control it. But he was just too good in bed and satisfied every bit of me. 

We had enrolled our names for a party at Monti nightclub for the night. You know how good the nightlife is in Rome. So we got there and danced our hearts out. After that, we reached our hotel. As both of us were drunk and tired, I started by giving him a blow job. After that, we were ready to have some passionate sex. This was the first time he ruled the kingdom. He tied both my hands and started teasing me. Overall I can say that I have never had such an experience in my whole career as an escort. 

The next morning, while I was asleep, he left with a love note and an envelope. I was pretty amazed that throughout his trip, he literally acted like a true gentleman. “

It was written in the note that:

You are the best company for anyone out there, trust me. Everything you did for me just left a mark on my heart, and yes, this three-day dating made me fall in love with Rome, and perhaps a little bit with you. 


Even after reading this story, if you are confused, no one can do anything for you. But if you have made up your mind and acted wisely, then pick up your phone and Hop on a quick call to book the best escort in Rome to accompany you during your trip. Hope you have the best time of your life in Italy.

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