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Published on September 27, 2022

If you are looking for escort sex in Amsterdam or in The Hague (Den Haag), do not wait, and start looking for your favorite escort now! Escort sex in Amsterdam is seen as one of the easiest things to do. However, what a lot of people do not know about sex in Amsterdam & The Hague (Den Haag) is that the girls are being paid very little of what they should be earning. Instead, with Escort Advisor Worldwide, you know that the high-class escort earns what she deserves to earn. Sex with an escort of high standards has much more to offer than cheap sex with underpaid sex workers. That is why sex in Amsterdam or The Hague can be so much more exciting with Escort Advisor Worldwide. These escorts dedicate their valuable time specifically to you, so you will have the best escort sex experience in Amsterdam or The Hague. Read the below to find out how you can get the best escort sex experience in Amsterdam & The Hague.

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Being single and free as a wildfire is cool. But once in a while, there comes a feeling and thoughts like, what is this boring and dull life where there is no trace of love or affection? This is the time when your wildest desires start to come up and you start to think about getting married or finding the love of your life. But at the same time when you think about the responsibilities attached to commitments you withdraw this idea immediately. 

It’s quite simple that a bachelor’s life is a pretty golden era that everyone is afraid to lose by committing to relationships. Similarly, are you tired of your monotonous love life with your wife just because the spark between you two is diminishing? In such a scenario getting frustrated is nothing new. 

Well, is this your story as well? It must be because this is the problem with half of our adults and married population. So, what are the possible options in such a situation? How about finding a temporary and paid source of love? Yes, you heard that right. We are talking about getting yourself a beautiful companion i.e., an escort online in the Netherlands for a day with the help of EAW. They are currently working to make you meet the best escorts in Germany and Netherlands. 

It is advised never to go with roaming escorts as human trafficking cases are increasing day by day in the whole world. This is why going out with an unverified escort may get you into some problems. So we will recommend you to consult an escort sex advisor or an online platform for escorts in the Netherlands to get the best possible and trustworthy escorts in Amsterdam and Den Haag. Escort Advisor Worldwide can help you to get the best escort sex experience in both Amsterdam en Den Haag!

How to spend a rememberable day with an escort in the Netherlands? 

Hiring an escort via a trustworthy advisor is not a big deal. Everyone can hire an escort but what do you do once your escort arrives? This is the most challenging part for the ones who don’t have any experience with relationships. This can also be a new experience for married people as it is different treating your wife compared to treating a beautiful escort who you have never met before!

However, this doesn’t mean that if you don’t have the experience you can’t call an escort. You definitely can but before that, you will have to read the next lines and clear up everything about how to treat an escort, and how to be a gentleman. Before digging deeper, first, we will talk about the expectations of the escorts from their clients.

What are the expectations of an escort?

If you will stay by the demands of escorts this not only puts a good impression on them but they will get impressed by your personality as well. After that two-way rule will be followed, and your escort will put her best to fulfill all of your wildest desires and give you the best time possible. Here is what you actually need to do to become an escort’s favorite client.

  • The very first thing is to check the profile of the girl escort in detail and try to know everything about her. Only hire her if you feel like she is really your type. This experience is not just a sexual one since the connections between the client and escorts are most important.
  • Once you hire the escort it’s on you to decide everything you wish to be doing with her. Be clear with the directions and instructions. Tell her the accurate location and timings. 
  • If she asks you to pick her up from somewhere, always try your best not to refuse and provide a conveyance to her. 
  • Don’t forget to get ready and turn out to look like a gentleman. Brush your teeth and get a nice bath before going on a date. 
  • Always try to be on time, still, if you ever get late for some reason call her and tell her the exact reason. 
  • Don’t linger with the escort. No matter how much beautiful time you both are having try to respect her schedule and let her go immediately once the contracted time ends.
  • Always respect her choices and ask her what she wants to order at a restaurant.
  • Never mention money and don’t bargain with her while you are on a date. Finish the dealing procedure at the time of hiring. 
  • Consider buying a gift and wine to put a good impression on her. 
  • Plus, instead of handing her the money directly, you can place them into an envelope and hand over that envelope to her with the gift. Otherwise, you can send the amount to her bank account. Discuss the payment method before going on the actual date. This way you can prevent weird situations from happening.
  • As a client, make sure to save your correspondence with an escort. In case something does go wrong, you will at least have access to proof of wrongdoing. This may have consequences for the escort(s), based on the matter.
  • Be nice and respectful towards her and always make sure to get consent before you want to touch her or fulfill your sexual fantasies. 
  • Remember that you don’t have to impress her with your manly power or anything. Be gentle and polite throughout. 
  • Once the meeting is over make sure to offer her a drive home.
  • Always tip your escort no matter what is the amount but it is a gesture of goodwill for her. 


What are the places where you can call an escort? 

During the hiring procedure, it’s on you to choose where you want to call your escort. You can take your escort to a dating spot, or a hotel, and even call her to your place and have a steamy evening together. Also, if you are a party enthusiast you can take her to a nightclub or bar. Escorts like to be treated nicely before they treat you nicely! So if you do decide to go out with an escort, have a good time.

Similarly, being an adventure enthusiast you can tell her to come to a park or anywhere you love to spend time. Spending time with an escort you met online does not have to be just a sexual bonding. You can also just enjoy each other’s company.

What to do once an escort arrives at your place?

First of all, make sure that your place is tidy and clean. After that make yourself clean. To add a romantic feel to the environment it is recommended to play soft music in the background. Put some wine on the table and some snacks to eat. Now if you feel like everything is fine then calmly wait for her arrival. 

Once your hired escort reaches your place now you have to make her feel comfortable in the first place. Don’t be too blunt or too shy. Try to maintain a balance. Offer her water or something to drink. In short, do everything possible to make her feel safe and comfy with you. 

Now is the time to initiate an action. You can ask her directly whether you can start or not. Other than this try acting romantic and do everything with love and intimacy. Escorts are women who are very professional in their job, but even they cannot resist love and intimacy when it is done correctly.

What are the best places to go with escorts in Amsterdam?

If you want to explore the best places in Amsterdam with an escort then there are some options you can consider. 

Some of the best restaurants to exploring and eat with an escort

Instead of going to a restaurant if you want to go to a viewpoint or explore the beauty of the Netherlands with the best escorts in town then here are the options for you. Going to these places means you will have the best experience at the safest possible spot in Amsterdam and Den Hauge.

  • Waterpark 
  • Toney’s chocolonely superstore
  • Vondel park
  • NXT Museum Amsterdam
  • De Hallen
  • Canal Sup
  • NDSM Wharf

What are the safest hotels to check in with an escort? 

If you live in Amsterdam or Den Hague and want to go to the safest spot in town then here are some of the places which you can consider. 

  • NH Atlantic Den Haag
  • Voco The Hague
  • Leonardo Royal Hotel 
  • Carlton Beach
  • Inntel Hotels Den Hague
  • Marina Beach hotels

Some tips for hiring an escort and having the best possible time

Hiring an escort means she will fulfill all of your sexual desires and will provide affection and support to your whenever required. But here are some of the points that can enhance your overall experience of hiring an escort. 

  1. Check the profile of the escort in detail and make sure that she is likable. Also reading the profile reviews can help you out greatly. 
  2. Other than this you can directly ask EAW to recommend you the best possible escort in the Netherlands. 
  3. Always buy some flowers or gifts for the escort this will help you out in creating good bonding. 
  4. Try to dress decently and keep yourself clean before going on a date with an escort. 
  5. Take protection and lubes with you. 
  6. Tell her about your desires and preferences so that you may get the expected experience in return. 


If you are sick of the monotonous and dry sexual life with your partner or you are sick of staying single then try taking the scenic route instead of the freeway. There is absolutely nothing wrong with hiring an escort through a trusted escort advisor like EAW. No matter in what part of the Netherlands you live you can get the best possible escorts, right on your doorstep. After that no matter what your sexual desires are you can fulfill them recklessly. So now you don’t need to stick to everlasting commitments because just by hiring an escort you are signing up for the commitments that last exactly according to your wish and requirement. 

Don’t limit your wild sexual desires; instead, let them fly and do whatever satisfies you to the top verge. Den Hague, or Den Haag as Dutch people call it, is a very thriving city with a lot of escorts. There is definitely something you can do here with an escort. If you are looking for escort sex in Den Haag, or just a fun time in Den Haag, hopefully, this blog added touch to your experience in Den Haag.

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